Things to Look For In a Minecraft Server

The gaming world specifically requires a lot specification from the hardware and its operating system. There are a lot of games these days that requires custom built servers to work properly. Minecraft, on the other hand is a game that can give you the best satisfaction given that you use the appropriate server. Whether you buy the server or use a website that is being hosted online, you need to pay attention to the most important things to consider in a server. Many successful servers are ranked at the top of a server list, which is useful to find the best voted server by the Minecraft community. Naturally, these servers gain a lot of traffic, so they require high-end hardware to handle large amounts of simultaneous players.

You have to pay attention to the CPU, hard drive, RAM and the operating system. Knowing these important aspects will help you achieve a well-performing Minecraft server.

CPU - Generally, the CPU is the most important thing to look for when you are hosting a server for Minecraft. This will help you achieve the best performance that you will need when playing Minecraft. You can achieve this by using a 2.4 GHz orctocore. It would be a good to look for a server with fast clock speed to bring a better gaming experience. It is the most important part of the platform that you will use when playing Minecraft.

Hard Drives - The hard drive is an important thing that you need to consider. This will determine how many players can access the game. It serves as the database for the players to play as continuous as possible without any delay. If you want to have a Minecraft server that will function well, then you also have to get a backup drive.  This will help you recover lost files from one drive.

RAM – The minimum RAM that you can use is 1GB.  However, when there are too much players that are using the game, it could be efficient to use a bigger RAM. This will allow the server to run smoothly and the players comfortable in playing Minecraft.  The RAM is also important in storing files that you need whenever you will experience glitch and help you save your files before permanently losing them. Therefore if you are playing Minecraft, you have to know that the bigger the space, the better it will be for you. Always remember that space is definitely the king.

Operating System - Minecraft is a game that can use various operating systems.  It can be used with Windows, Mac OS X and even Linux. Windows and Mac are the best performing operating systems that you can use in playing Minecraft. For using Linux, it could be a good option to use one without GUI or Graphical User Interface. This will help you maximize your CPU and RAM.

For Minecraft servers, you need to carefully consider the CPU of the computer that you will be using, the hard drive which will store important information regarding the players, RAM that will help you achieve high performance and store important information whenever you experience technical problems. Lastly, the operating system will also help you achieve the best gaming experience especially if it is Windows or Mac OS X.