PlayNet Nostalgia

So you want to play Doom or Heretic across the phone lines, but you just can’t seem to find anybody who’s willing to join you in a Death match at 1 a.m.? Well, look no further. PlayNet is a multi- player network that’s been established specifically to take advantage of the modem capabilities of these great multi- player games and to give you the opportunity to play with like-minded Death-matchers everywhere.

In addition to support for Doom and Doom II, PlayNet now supports Heretic, and the newest multiplayer heavyweight, Descent. You’ll also get other features you’d expect from an online service, like shopping, file libraries, chat areas and the ever-present and ever-useful E-mail. Imagine — an entire community of death-dealing Doomers waiting for action!

To run PlayNet you’ll need Doom, Doom II, Heretic, or Descent, a 9600 baud modem and, of course, this front-end to run it all.
After installation, you’ll need to fill out the configuration screens to get things set up properly. After that, you’ll be able to make new friends and then, if you act real nice, kill them. Payment info is online, and your initial call is absolutely free.

As of this writing the rates for PlayNet, Inc. are:

Target Class | $10.00 | 5 hours
Killer Class | $25.00 | 13 hours
Assassin Class | $50.00 | 30 hours