Minecraft’s Success and How You Can Play for Free

I try to make my kids spend more time reading or playing outside by they can’t seem to stop playing this game called “Minecraft”. Apparently I’m not the only parent who’s got this problem, but hey, according to a bunch of studies this game is a valuable educational tool. If you’ve got kids that pester you to buy the game all the time, tell them that they can play Minecraft for free online before buying it.

This game can be played both online and offline and supports single and multiple players. A premium account can be purchased for about $27, but why anybody should buy it when so many free solutions exist?

Minecraft for Free X

A site called minecraftforfreex.com will allow you to play online for free through your browser.

A lot of people don’t have the money to buy games, especially in the current times of economic slowdown. It can be difficult for most people to spend on games so free download sites are the best option, through which a cracked version of the game can be accessed. Beware of scam sites that offer account generators; 100% of the time they will be fake. However, don’t mistake those types of sites for legitimate ones that give you points for doing things so that you can use them to get a free premium account.

Surveys for Points

There are plenty of sites that give you gifts in exchange for doing surveys or completing offers. Some specialize in free premium accounts for PC/Mac/Linux, Xbox 360 versions, plus Pocket Edition for mobile devices. First you need to register and you will have access to your account’s surveys. One needs to complete enough surveys to make them eligible for free account, which may take a little while. These surveys are for a third party who pays the owner of the website. Then the owner buys the Minecraft account for the user (with a part of the money received and keeps the rest as profit). The gamer just needs to spend around 5 minutes to complete one survey. Depending on the version you choose, it could take a few days to a week to be able to play Minecraft for free.

Premium Minecraft accounts provide the gamer with the full, original version of the game. You would think pirated games would cause problems but the game’s semi-freemium model proves effective in monetization and fandom, as I will discuss below. The website providers do it ethically because they get paid for it, and Mojang doesn’t seem to have a problem with that.

How Did the Game Get So Big?

Have you ever wondered how Minecraft came to be so popular without any conventional marketing? It has a lot to do with the game’s impact on education and creativity, but more so with the effect of social media and allowing free versions of the game to be everywhere.

Social Media

One of the biggest driving forces for the increase in the game’s popularity is social media, namely YouTube. Popularity of the “Let’s Play” videos skyrocketed during Minecraft’s initial launch in 2009. After showcasing awesome designs, players started to join in to come up with some wonderful ideas. These ideas are sometimes the perfect solution to satisfy the ever hungry gaming community, such as mods, maps, texture packs, or even just building something amazing in creative mode.

Semi-Freemium Model

The game was pretty much allowed to be played free because of a particular tweet by Notch, which pretty much said “pirate my game if you can’t afford it”. After wondering what a true gamer wants–I figured they love to play lots and lots of games! But there is always a financial constraint, and so gamers always look for free alternatives. Actually, the real fun lies in playing games for free because in the end you’ll know you saved money and it’s a good feeling. There are many games which are available on the internet but these games are just free trial runs, to give an impression about the game. In other words, they merely tickle the taste buds to make gamers hungry for more.

Minecraft is different because it adopted the freemium model later on, like League of Legends. Although not officially designated as a free alternative, cracked launchers or browser versions are all over the internet and no one seems to care about its legality. This is why I said “semi-freemium” earlier; you have to do some legwork to get the free version (that’s not a demo) and if you want some extra features, you’ll have to go and buy the premium account.


Minecraft also gained a lot of followers because it allows the imagination to flow. It has now become an iconic video game that will leave its mark in history. In the game, you can be creative and can make a different world altogether; something which did not exist before. This sand box game offers adventure like no other sand box. Despite a great deal of criticism, it continues to be a favorite among gaming enthusiasts.


The Canadian Society of Social Engineers believes that Minecraft is an excellent educational tool, especially in the field of science and engineering. The game’s redstone circuits and in-game mechanics allows players to build actual computers and “electronic” devices that function really well, like a 3D printer. Many teachers are now using the game in schools to teach problem solving, critical thinking, and the fundamentals of science, math, history, and many more. This is strange to a lot of people considering that most people think playing games is unproductive and unhealthy. If you moderate how many hours a day you spend playing and really use your brain, I’d say that’s productive enough.