Minecraft Includes Free Female Skins

Mnecraft originally comes with only one playable avatar: Steve. For the past few years, that’s the only avatar we were able to play until recently. With the new DLC packs, player are able to customize thheir skins, but some people felt that this wasn’t enough for women, who would have to take the extra step of changing their skin to accurately represent their gender.

To address this issue, Mojang and 4J studios introduced Alex, a female avatar free for all consoles. Unfortunately, this won’t be included in the PC version yet. The skin came out this Wednesday and a lot of people are really excited for what this means to the gaming community.

Female gamers have become a rising trend, and with the popularity of Steve, it was time to give them a new skin that makes them feel like gaming is not a “guy thing”.

More: http://www.vg247.com/2015/04/28/minecraft-free-female-avatar-skins/