Common Fixes for Minecraft Lag

Minecraft is one of the best games in this age according to many game review websites such as Gamespot, IGN, Kotaku, and more. It is an online sandbox game that was recently acquired by Microsoft that gives its players so much creative freedom and so many adventures to fuel their gaming experience. However, just like any online game, they are vulnerable to lag and glitches once in a while. This is a very frustrating scenario isn’t it? But don’t worry, because there are so many solutions to solve this issue.

Upgrade Internet

I guess this is the most obvious one, seeing how most of the problems stem from a slow internet connection. Make sure no one is hogging all of your bandwith and check how fast it is. If your internet is fast  and the game lags, we can fix that by looking at the computer specs and software. However, if your internet can’t handle at least 5 mbps, upgrade the internet speed first.

Restart Software

One of the most effective solutions in making online applications faster is restarting it. You just have to close Minecraft and launch it again. This process also works in other online games and software applications like Google chrome and League of Legends.

Lower Graphics Settings

If your game is still stuttering, the next step is to reduce the graphics to the lowest setting without compromising your gameplay. You just have to click “Options” and then toggle the graphics from fancy to fast. This will increase your FPS (frames per second) because graphics eat a lot of your system’s resources so the gameplay and response speed will improve. If you put lower priority in the graphics then more resources will go to the FPS.

Remove Temporary Files

Another technique is to clear cache and cookies from the browser that you are using. The logic behind this is that cache and cookies can consume so many memory space once they are piled up. They might be low memory files but many people tend to delete them causing them to pile up over time. Minecraft also uses cache and cookies, so the processor will have to work harder in looking for the cookies needed for the game. By deleting them, the processor will find them faster and thus, the game will be faster.

Assign Priority (Windows)

If you are using other applications in the computer while playing Minecraft, you might as well put Minecraft on high priority. You can do this by opening up task manager; you can search it in the control panel, then look for javaw.exe. This is the operation that runs Minecraft. You just have to right click then choose set priority and click high.

Update Software

There are many more solutions in making Minecraft go faster, but I forgot to mention one more thing. Make sure you upgrade your Java to the latest version and have all your operating system updates installed. This will ensure that your system is up to date and will rule out many problems. Anyway, these techniques are useful for many situations and applications such as games and browsers, and are not limited to Minecraft only. Please note that if you are playing the free browser version of Minecraft, you will need to grant permission to Java to run on your browser. Now that you know these things, you can play Minecraft free of issues.