APBA Baseball for Windows

APBA Baseball for Windows isn't a visual knockout but Ernie Harwell's play-by-plays are terrific.

Digitized speech play-by-plays are nothing new in Sports Sims; they've been around since Al Michaels' voice added a touch of class to HardBall III. But they've never been as good as Ernie Harwell's play-by-plays in APBA Baseball; you'll be tempted to turn your monitor off and just listen to the game. There's something magical about the way this program recaptures the wonder of our national pastime better than most of the flashier baseball Sims on the market.

PlayNet Nostalgia

So you want to play Doom or Heretic across the phone lines, but you just can’t seem to find anybody who’s willing to join you in a Death match at 1 a.m.? Well, look no further. PlayNet is a multi- player network that’s been established specifically to take advantage of the modem capabilities of these great multi- player games and to give you the opportunity to play with like-minded Death-matchers everywhere.

In addition to support for Doom and Doom II, PlayNet now supports Heretic, and the newest multiplayer heavyweight, Descent. You’ll also get other features you’d expect from an online service,


What’s Up With Yoshi?

Yoshi’s game has two names. The first, and most often used, is ‘Yoshi’s Story’, the name Nintendo has decided upon for the game’s release outside Japan. The other, the one his mum and his Japanese friends still use, is the original title, Yoshi’s Island 64’. Shrouded in a seemingly magical cloak of intrigue and suspense which is then surrounded by five burly bodyguards from Peckham and the whole lot bunged in a lead-lined vault with steel walls 20-inches thick, this is one fiercely guarded title. Not even the Nintendo PR people have been able to play the game. But remember, it IS only a game.


Things to Look For In a Minecraft Server

The gaming world specifically requires a lot specification from the hardware and its operating system. There are a lot of games these days that requires custom built servers to work properly. Minecraft, on the other hand is a game that can give you the best satisfaction given that you use the appropriate server. Whether you buy the server or use a website that is being hosted online, you need to pay attention to the most important things to consider in a server. Many successful servers are ranked at the top of a server list, which is useful to find the best voted server by the Minecraft com


Minecraft Includes Free Female Skins

Mnecraft originally comes with only one playable avatar: Steve. For the past few years, that’s the only avatar we were able to play until recently. With the new DLC packs, player are able to customize thheir skins, but some people felt that this wasn’t enough for women, who would have to take the extra step of changing their skin to accurately represent their gender.

To address this issue, Mojang and 4J studios introduced Alex, a female avatar free for all consoles. Unfortunately, this won’t be included in the PC version yet. The skin came out this Wednesday and a lot of people are really


Nintendo Holidays

To kick off the very first news report on this page I’d like to start with something close to our hearts – the holidays. So from this perspective the very first piece of info we have regarding this period of the year are the sales figures announced by Nintendo for America. I know it might seem a touch harsh to talk sales and holidays in the same paragraph but it does connect if you think about what you will be getting as a present.

In 2011, Nintendo consoles reached a new record breaking sale number when the Wii and DS combined sold over 1.5 million units. Between the 21st of November and


Common Fixes for Minecraft Lag

Minecraft is one of the best games in this age according to many game review websites such as Gamespot, IGN, Kotaku, and more. It is an online sandbox game that was recently acquired by Microsoft that gives its players so much creative freedom and so many adventures to fuel their gaming experience. However, just like any online game, they are vulnerable to lag and glitches once in a while. This is a very frustrating scenario isn’t it? But don’t worry, because there are so many solutions to solve this issue.

Upgrade Internet

I guess this is the most obvious one, seeing how most of the problems


Evolve Gets Two New Maps Free

Turtle Rock Studios, the team behind the next-gen cooperative shooter, Evolve, has just announced the first new maps in its controversial DLC plan. Despite being able to play on all new maps and alongside (but not using) all new hunters and monsters, without purchasing any of it, Evolve has been under fire in recent news due to an extensive DLC plan. This plan includes skins and character packs. Although this is similar to many PC game models, the possibility of spending over $100 on DLC for a game has unsettled many. The first two free maps to release under this plan are Broken Hill Mine and


Winning at Titanfall

When Microsoft decided to shake itself free of Xbox Studios it couldn’t have chosen a better game to return to the market to announce its seriousness with then Titanfall. It is bundled with all new purchases of the Xbox One and the dedicated controller system and upgrade advances make this an ideal home entertainment game. Titanfall is also available on many of the other game platforms and doesn’t suffer in the least for the transition. The battles are furious and the complexity of building, maintaining and customizing your Titan will keep you deeply involved.

The first thing you do, after you


Bow & Arrow

I’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft on PvP servers, especially using the Archer kit which features the bow and arrow. I’m getting pretty good at aiming with it, but I can’t seem to hit anyone farther than 20 blocks away. I also played Hunger Games and pulled a Katniss on a guy sitting at the top of a tower, and the arrow actually turned around due to gravity, hit him in the head, causing him to fall off and die.

They were one of the earliest weapons and was used durng the Stone Age for both hunting and warfare. All bows work on the same basic principle: the power comes from drawing the tightly