Winning at Titanfall

When Microsoft decided to shake itself free of Xbox Studios it couldn’t have chosen a better game to return to the market to announce its seriousness with then Titanfall. It is bundled with all new purchases of the Xbox One and the dedicated controller system and upgrade advances make this an ideal home entertainment game. Titanfall is also available on many of the other game platforms and doesn’t suffer in the least for the transition. The battles are furious and the complexity of building, maintaining and customizing your Titan will keep you deeply involved.

The first thing you do, after you have completed the tutorial level, is to begin building up your Titan. There are several ways that you can do this, the slow and sure way is to just show up and play to gain points and money. You can also purchase premium upgrades. That can really help out if you are planning to leap into tournament or league play.  You can begin buying and trading to outfit your Titan to increase your skill and power levels immediately. You can also engage in a variety of different combat forms, each of which can either wipe out your character – or get you faster gains if you succeed.

Tournament Play

Tournament play is hugely popular. It is a moderated combat lane with a set of criteria for declaring winners of the tournament. You can enter as pairs, teams or an individual. The tournaments are staged throughout the real time year to allow you to build up your Titans to stand a better chance of advancing. You can always set your stats to pull your Titan out so you can preserve your gains too.

League Play

League play is structured much like the fantasy sport games. You can bid on players and build your team and then compete against others through points and scores to declare an overall winner. If a league doesn’t fill, the players are given an opportunity to roll over into another league. You can also host multiple Titans in different league competitions.

Independent Challenges

The most popular of all the combat forms remains the individual challenge. This can occur in one of two ways. Either you can roam your lanes and engage in battle against AI or other players, or you can schedule challenge matches against another player. These independent challenges do not have to be played to the death so you can preserve your main Titan and return to fight another day.

Even if you have played Titanfall for a while it is important not to forget to check the updates and blogs to find out about releases, patches and changes. Some of the mapping systems work to reveal hidden levels or have multiple levels of solution. You may need to build yourself up enough to go back down several maps to solve it again, but in a different way, to get even more out of the world.

Bow & Arrow


I’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft on PvP servers, especially using the Archer kit which features the bow and arrow. I’m getting pretty good at aiming with it, but I can’t seem to hit anyone farther than 20 blocks away. I also played Hunger Games and pulled a Katniss on a guy sitting at the top of a tower, and the arrow actually turned around due to gravity, hit him in the head, causing him to fall off and die.

They were one of the earliest weapons and was used durng the Stone Age for both hunting and warfare. All bows work on the same basic principle: the power comes from drawing the tightly strung cord and bending the bow. When this energy is released, the arrow is shot a considerable distance.

The self bow is madeof a single lenght of tough, springy wood (such as yew). An example is the medieval longbow. The English longbow with its long arrow could sohot faster and pierce armor better than the complicated crossbows which shot metal bolts, or “quarrels”. The longbows usd by the English and Welsh at the battles of Crecy and Agincourt were as tall as a man and shot an arrow 1 meter (3 feet) long. The longbow’s range was about 270 meters (300 yards). In Asia the composite bow was preferred. This was made of strips of wood, horn, and sinew bound together, and could be fired easily from horseback because it was shorter than the longbow.

The crossbow was a more complicated weapon. It was wound up with a handle, and shot stubby metal arrows called bolts, or quarrels. An ancient kind of giant crossbow was the Roman catapult.

Craftsmen who made bows were called “bowyers”; those who made arrows “fletchers”. Bows and arrows were not much used in war after the 1600s, but are still made and used in the sport of archery.

Labyrinthes and Mazes

In the stories told by the ancient Greeks, the labyrinth was a large tunnel built by Daedalus, a great inventor, in ancient Crete. It was built for the Minotaur, a fierce and cruel monster with a bull’s head and a human body, whose favorite food was young men and girls. The labyrinth was a long path with so many twists and turns that no one who entered it could ever find his way out again.

The Greek hero Theseus was sent to Crete to kill the Minotaur. He persuaded Ariadne, the daughter of the king of Crete, to give him a long thread. He tied one end to the entrance of the labyrinth and then entered and killed the Minotaur. He was able to find his way out by following the thread.

Any passageway that is full of twists and turns is still called a labyrinth. Many still use the word “maze” and “labyrinth” interchangeably, but the biggest difference is that mazes are designed to be difficult to navigate through, like in Maze Runner. In Pan’s Labyrinth, all the main character had to do was follow a one way path until she reached the destination.

Mazes have many paths that branch off, which may not necessarily lead back to the center. In the Scary Maze Game series, there is a single path that leads to the end. Technically it’s a scary labyrinth game, but I do agree it’s easier to just call it a maze game instead. No one seems to know what labyrinths actually are, and just assumes everything that resembles a labyrinth is a maze.


The Glorious Abacus

abacusThe abacus is the earliest “adding machine” known to history. It has been used forthousands of years, especially in oriental countries, and it is still much used in China, Japan, and other countries. The colored beads struong on wires on the side of a baby’s play pen are an abacus, and nearly everyone has seen one though very few know what it is.

There are several forms of abacus. The one shown in the picture is a Chinese abacus, which they call a swanpan or reckoning board. The beads above the middle bar are called quints and count 5 each when pushed down to the bar; the beads below count 1 each when pushed up to the bar. Each wire strung with beads is called a column because it reppreseonts one column of figures. Suppose the operator of an abacus wants to record the number 7; in the extreme right-hand column he pushes down one upper bead and pushes up two of the lower beads. In the second column from the right would count 70; in the third column, 700; and so on. The operator actually does the arithmetic in his head, step by step, and records it on the abacus as he goes along, just as we do with pencil and paper (and in fact abacuses were used in prehistoric times, before men could write), but it was faster with an abacus than with pencil and paper.

A Chinese expert compares his abacus with one of the newest, most complicated electronic calculating machines. With long practice, one can do arithmetic at lightning speed on an abacus, and in very large numbers–the beads on the abacus shown in the pucture total 1,050,558,775.

Competitive Play in Assassin’s Creed on Playstation 4

assassins creed cinematics

Assassin’s Creed is one of the best multi player combat game experiences around.  On the Playstation 4, you can play against the AI, or you can log on to play with friends or to play against teams that register for competition rounds using the multi-player game network system. Whichever you prefer, if you are going to compete in Assassin’s Creed it is a good idea to have a basic overview of the different styles of multi-player competition that is available on PS4.

Building Up Your Avatar

Once you have a good grasp of the controls of the game then it is time to make sure that you have a strong enough character to take into competitive play. You don’t want to be walking in with a green avatar with no weapons and no skills. Not only is this a good way to get absolutely slaughtered before you go ten minutes into the game, but it makes you undesirable as a member of a team. Team play is one of the best ways to experience this game, but it requires that the other members of the team know that you have got their back – not that you are putting them all at risk.

Team Play

Team play is hugely popular. This is one of the best ways to spend time online with your friends playing on the Playstation 4. You are limited to 4 team members and join up to solve the game and gain the most points. You can work together to defend each other, launch attacks or solve challenges. It is essential that all of you have good quality VOIP enabled headphones to play as most of your in game communication will be done via voice messaging during the actual game play.

League Play

There is such a thing as league play in Assassin’s creed. This is when a set of teams register and agree to play during a defined period. The winner of the league play is the one who can post the evidence of the highest kills and stats gains within the defined time period by the team members. Some of the leagues can get really brutal as they will make it OK to attack other teams while you are also trying to complete the criteria for winning the league competition.


One of the best things about the way in which Playstation 4 is set up is that almost all of the games designed for it have a strong solo play feature. You don’t need teams or leagues to have a challenging, and exciting time playing Assassin’s Creed. This can be a great way to enjoy yourself; it can also be the best way to gain skill in the game while building up your avatar before launching yourself into a larger scale combat. Whether you are playing with the intent of winning the game by yourself or not, you can still post recordings, screen shots and other uploads documenting your achievements to the community.