Competitive Play in Assassin’s Creed on Playstation 4

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Assassin’s Creed is one of the best multi player combat game experiences around.  On the Playstation 4, you can play against the AI, or you can log on to play with friends or to play against teams that register for competition rounds using the multi-player game network system. Whichever you prefer, if you are going to compete in Assassin’s Creed it is a good idea to have a basic overview of the different styles of multi-player competition that is available on PS4.

Building Up Your Avatar

Once you have a good grasp of the controls of the game then it is time to make sure that you have a strong enough character to take into competitive play. You don’t want to be walking in with a green avatar with no weapons and no skills. Not only is this a good way to get absolutely slaughtered before you go ten minutes into the game, but it makes you undesirable as a member of a team. Team play is one of the best ways to experience this game, but it requires that the other members of the team know that you have got their back – not that you are putting them all at risk.

Team Play

Team play is hugely popular. This is one of the best ways to spend time online with your friends playing on the Playstation 4. You are limited to 4 team members and join up to solve the game and gain the most points. You can work together to defend each other, launch attacks or solve challenges. It is essential that all of you have good quality VOIP enabled headphones to play as most of your in game communication will be done via voice messaging during the actual game play.

League Play

There is such a thing as league play in Assassin’s creed. This is when a set of teams register and agree to play during a defined period. The winner of the league play is the one who can post the evidence of the highest kills and stats gains within the defined time period by the team members. Some of the leagues can get really brutal as they will make it OK to attack other teams while you are also trying to complete the criteria for winning the league competition.


One of the best things about the way in which Playstation 4 is set up is that almost all of the games designed for it have a strong solo play feature. You don’t need teams or leagues to have a challenging, and exciting time playing Assassin’s Creed. This can be a great way to enjoy yourself; it can also be the best way to gain skill in the game while building up your avatar before launching yourself into a larger scale combat. Whether you are playing with the intent of winning the game by yourself or not, you can still post recordings, screen shots and other uploads documenting your achievements to the community.

The Importance of Alliances in Clash of Clans

Management is the key to coming out ahead in Clash of Clans. One of the most common mistakes that players make is to focus in one of two extremes, either they build up their villages with the advantage of strong battlements to protect themselves from attack, or they are too open and concentrated on creating a center crossways for trade routes – leaving them vulnerable. Another essential part of management comes in forming alliances –  if you don’t do this early enough, you can easily get overtaken by a stronger alliance while your town sits with no friends.

What is the True Nature of an Alliance?

Clash of the Clans is a multi-player strategy game. This means that there is a lot of emphasis on growing, building and positioning yourself within the game to make your clan the best of all. It also means that you are going to have to either engage in defensive behavior, or offensive behavior.

Whether it is to protect your village from marauders, or an important trade route, battle is going to happen. But that isn’t the only reason that you will want to engage in alliances. Clans don’t just come together to defeat other clans, they also agree to trade together and to allow for things like grazing permissions to happen. Alliances are also an important part of building a solid adventuring team.

The Promise of the New Hero Update

The New Hero Update is going to increase the effectiveness of many of the characters in your roster, and it is also bringing back some old favorites. One of the most hotly anticipated is the melee attacking master. If you have one of those, you are going to be a highly desired member of an alliance or adventuring team. You also have the greatest capacity to be betrayed. You have to remember that unlike other role playing games, there are more levels here.

Clash of Clans is available on multiple platforms from the Xbox to the Android. Fortunately, the designers and engineers of the game made keeping the navigational aspects of the game as fluid as possible. This means that going from platform to platform you will always be able to access your inventory or communication screens without a lot of hunting around. The navigational controls are the ones that may be the hardest to learn. To go from a touch screen interface to a hand held controller may take some getting used to, but in the end it will be as intuitive as the game itself.

Getting Connected with other Players

You can connect with other players through your primary network, or you can use the Clash of the Clans wiki to get into the world. The wiki is a great place to discuss plans, ask questions and tried to get advice on how other players overcame certain troubles in guiding their clan into wealth and power within the game.

Games Like Minecraft Increase Mental Abilities

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Games can be a major source of entertainment for today’s generation. It doesn’t matter how old you are, as groups of all ages play games on a daily basis. In fact, it was recently discovered that the average gamer is 30 years old! Due to technological advances, video games are everywhere. They’re on your Facebook, phone, computer, and etc. Although players of all ages love games, most of them are young children and teenagers. Some games have a large impact on education, such as Minecraft. These types of games are preferred by the parents and teachers alike. Many of the cyber café and game parlours provide opportunities to play games in a relaxed atmosphere. The simulation of real situation creates a great deal of excitement in the mind of the player.

Playing computer games keeps the mind alert and makes it sharp too. That is why even elders and working professionals like to play certain games. All kind of skill enhancement games are available online and aside from relaxing, basically are used for increasing one’s concentration, creativity and mental ability. Some of the games that increase mental ability are Minecraft; Sudoku puzzles on computer, ‘More Brain Training from Dr Kawashima and many more.

Minecraft as an Educational Tool

In a previous article, we discussed how Minecraft could be used in education. It is a creative game that requires the player to think critically in order to build creative structures.  Other skills that benefit are decision making skills, reasoning abilities, and above all, sharpness of the brain. Especially young people, school going children, and old age people like to play this game for fun and increasing their alertness. I suppose you don’t really find middle-aged people in the working class playing too many games.

Another thing about Minecraft is that it allows the player to play on the multiplayer servers and that increases the alertness. There on the platform the player has to create different structures, artwork and other creations. It sometimes tells the player to mine the ore, fight with mobs and construct blocks by finding resource available on the game. That increases one’s searching and reasoning ability. Moreover, there is interaction with other players and that in itself builds communication skills.

The game allows the player to play in a 3D generated world. As the game includes exploration, creation of structures, gathering resource and crafting, it uses the brain in various directions. The virtual atmosphere where the player has to play the game works as a brain stimulator. It also increases the ability of the youngsters to handle digital images which can be useful while completing their school projects.

Minecraft as a brain stimulator increases the mental ability of every age group of players. Even old age people can try this to make their dull world an exciting one. As it gives the brain a lot of opportunity to use it in various ways, it can benefit every kind of player. To put it bluntly, it intellectually stimulates the mind, creating a more open mind.

Creeps, Neutrals and Roshan in DotA 2

The NPCs that inhabit Defense of the Anceints 2 can make life more than difficult. They are broken in three types – creeps, neutrals and Roshan. They aren’t just random obstacles and ways to gain in experience for your hero; all of them give items that can be vital to your success. You will also always gain in game gold when one of them is killed.

They are NPCs which means that even if you have your team members around you when one is killed, only the person striking the killing blow is going to receive a bonus. One twist that the game designers have implemented is that with the exception of the Roshan, there is no getting rid of all the creeps and neutrals on the map. They spontaneously spawn and will always be wandering about looking to engage enemies in combat.


dota 2 creeps

Creeps are mostly attached to protecting the Radiant or Dire towers that hold the ancients. They will be located in their immediate area of any defensive towers in the lane as well. What makes them a particularly difficult opponent is they spawn in groups. It is rare to encounter a creep alone and it is best to take them on as a team. The bonus rules apply as if they were alone and only the person striking the killing blow to one creep will receive a gold bonus. There is no special bonus for clearing a group of creeps and there is no way to stop their spawning.


dota 2 neutral camp stacking

Neutrals are found in the lanes, and in the jungles between the lanes. They do carry some items that are worth having, but killing them not only clears the way to the towers, it can also bring you a bonus of gold. Killing them isn’t easy, but it can be done on solo terms. One thing to be mindful of is that if you do kill a neutral in a team effort, the gold bonus will only go to the one that strikes the killing blow. That is just the game rule that is set for bonuses attached to killing NPCs. Don’t think that because you have cleared a lane of neutrals that there won’t be more, they spontaneously generate in the jungles and can wander between lanes. They have no real allegiance or boundaries.


dota 2 roshan level 1 kill

Roshan is considered to be the big boss of the neutrals outside of the lane. While killing them isn’t going to do much to affect the behavior of the neutrals, the Roshans have valuable items that you cannot get otherwise and grants the team a lot of gold. When he is killed, the items drop to the ground and can be claimed like the Aegis of the Immortal and others. He will respawn every 10 minute and each time he will be stronger in order to scale with the heroe’s levels. I is not easy to kill Roshan because he is a powerful NPC, which makes sense because he has to be stronger than the neutrals in lane and in the jungle camps. You will have to team up with several other players and engage in prolonged combat in order to bring them down. It can be a good idea to negotiate who will get what once the Roshan falls.

Minecraft’s Success and How You Can Play for Free

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I try to make my kids spend more time reading or playing outside by they can’t seem to stop playing this game called “Minecraft”. Apparently I’m not the only parent who’s got this problem, but hey, according to a bunch of studies this game is a valuable educational tool. If you’ve got kids that pester you to buy the game all the time, tell them that they can play Minecraft for free online before buying it.

This game can be played both online and offline and supports single and multiple players. A premium account can be purchased for about $27, but why anybody should buy it when so many free solutions exist?

Minecraft for Free X

A site called will allow you to play online for free through your browser.

A lot of people don’t have the money to buy games, especially in the current times of economic slowdown. It can be difficult for most people to spend on games so free download sites are the best option, through which a cracked version of the game can be accessed. Beware of scam sites that offer account generators; 100% of the time they will be fake. However, don’t mistake those types of sites for legitimate ones that give you points for doing things so that you can use them to get a free premium account.

Surveys for Points

There are plenty of sites that give you gifts in exchange for doing surveys or completing offers. Some specialize in free premium accounts for PC/Mac/Linux, Xbox 360 versions, plus Pocket Edition for mobile devices. First you need to register and you will have access to your account’s surveys. One needs to complete enough surveys to make them eligible for free account, which may take a little while. These surveys are for a third party who pays the owner of the website. Then the owner buys the Minecraft account for the user (with a part of the money received and keeps the rest as profit). The gamer just needs to spend around 5 minutes to complete one survey. Depending on the version you choose, it could take a few days to a week to be able to play Minecraft for free.

Premium Minecraft accounts provide the gamer with the full, original version of the game. You would think pirated games would cause problems but the game’s semi-freemium model proves effective in monetization and fandom, as I will discuss below. The website providers do it ethically because they get paid for it, and Mojang doesn’t seem to have a problem with that.

How Did the Game Get So Big?

Have you ever wondered how Minecraft came to be so popular without any conventional marketing? It has a lot to do with the game’s impact on education and creativity, but more so with the effect of social media and allowing free versions of the game to be everywhere.

Social Media

sky does minecraft

One of the biggest driving forces for the increase in the game’s popularity is social media, namely YouTube. Popularity of the “Let’s Play” videos skyrocketed during Minecraft’s initial launch in 2009. After showcasing awesome designs, players started to join in to come up with some wonderful ideas. These ideas are sometimes the perfect solution to satisfy the ever hungry gaming community, such as mods, maps, texture packs, or even just building something amazing in creative mode.

Semi-Freemium Model

notch's tweet to pirate Minecraft

The game was pretty much allowed to be played free because of a particular tweet by Notch, which pretty much said “pirate my game if you can’t afford it”. After wondering what a true gamer wants–I figured they love to play lots and lots of games! But there is always a financial constraint, and so gamers always look for free alternatives. Actually, the real fun lies in playing games for free because in the end you’ll know you saved money and it’s a good feeling. There are many games which are available on the internet but these games are just free trial runs, to give an impression about the game. In other words, they merely tickle the taste buds to make gamers hungry for more.

Minecraft is different because it adopted the freemium model later on, like League of Legends. Although not officially designated as a free alternative, cracked launchers or browser versions are all over the internet and no one seems to care about its legality. This is why I said “semi-freemium” earlier; you have to do some legwork to get the free version (that’s not a demo) and if you want some extra features, you’ll have to go and buy the premium account.


Minecraft in-game 3d printer creeper

Minecraft also gained a lot of followers because it allows the imagination to flow. It has now become an iconic video game that will leave its mark in history. In the game, you can be creative and can make a different world altogether; something which did not exist before. This sand box game offers adventure like no other sand box. Despite a great deal of criticism, it continues to be a favorite among gaming enthusiasts.


minceraft at school

The Canadian Society of Social Engineers believes that Minecraft is an excellent educational tool, especially in the field of science and engineering. The game’s redstone circuits and in-game mechanics allows players to build actual computers and “electronic” devices that function really well, like a 3D printer. Many teachers are now using the game in schools to teach problem solving, critical thinking, and the fundamentals of science, math, history, and many more. This is strange to a lot of people considering that most people think playing games is unproductive and unhealthy. If you moderate how many hours a day you spend playing and really use your brain, I’d say that’s productive enough.

Twitch Follows YouTube in Audio Censorship

twitch censorship

The largest live streaming website in the world, Twitch, is beginning to crack down on unauthorized use of copyrighted audio. Similar to how YouTube does it, Twitch integrated an audio censoring system that can automatically find copyrighted audio by scanning through the videos and muting it. The software itself is called Audible Magic, and by using this, Twitch is able to locate audio that belongs to the program’s clients and instantly mute them.

Unfortunately legitimate usage of audio is being censored by the system as well. For example, even the background music in games could accidentally be muted.

Why did Twitch decide to implement this? Elizabeth Baker from Twitch explained that they wanted to strengthen their relationships with copyright owners and that this was not a result of pressure from third parties or legal issues. As of now, this sytem doesn’t apply to livestreams… yet.

Not to my surprise, the Twitch community does not seem happy about this new integration. Some popular streamers are even thinking about finding an alternative streaming website. Heck, this system is so experimental that it ended up censoring Twitch’s own video. Naturally, members are migrating to HitBox, Twitch’s biggest competitor. In fact, their website crashed due to the huge influx of “ex-Twitches” that signed up.

I am 99.9% sure that this was in preparation for Google’s purchase of Twitch. They wanted to see how the public would react before completely investing their money into purchasing the company. Perhaps Google told Twitch to test the waters and if Google is still interested, they’ll jump on board.

Xbox One Customized Consoles at Comic-Con

Microsoft has announced that they have created collectible consoles, which are customized models of their Xbox One. They first appeared at Comic-Con and many have specified color sets and awesome designs. The only caveat here is that they were not meant to be sold, but offered as prizes instead at the San Diego Comic-con. Thus, its likely that you will never get your hands on one of these or even see one in front of you.

Read more at Kotaku

Power Architecture and the Playstation 4

While a certain other company makes a lot of noise that their gaming system is designed by gamers for gamers; Playstation 4 is much clearer about their architecture. It was designed by engineers for gamers. Right there is the Playstation 4 difference. This is a serious home entertainment gaming system that isn’t trying to be a million other things, the focus is tight – game play. Everything about the choices in hardware that makes up the latest generation of Playstation 4 reflects that. This is possibly the most advanced generation that Sony has released yet.

What’s Driving the Graphics?

In the heart of the machine is the AMD Radeon graphics accelerator. The Core Next Engine provides you with some of the best, and fastest, rendering available on the market. Combine this with the BD 6xCAV and DVD 8xCAV optical drives and this is a system that can create immersive graphics so real you will feel like you are in the world with your avatars. Better still, the tower design that PS4 uses helps to keep the drives and accelerators cool. That’s important because the power and play is pushed from an advanced hardware base.

What is the Power and Play Based On?

The AMD Jaguar roars through 8 cores with a low energy processor to keep everything going. While this is a stellar piece of power, the real play comes from the custom processor chip that Sony has created for the Playstation 4 system. This is a proprietary single chip design that makes everything inside work so you are never aware of the mechanics – you won’t find lag and load time interfering with the action.

The whole thing is also engineered to stay cool and function well with drowning in cache. This is where the difference shows up between a machine designed by gamers and one designed by engineers for gamers. Gamers may know that they want the power, but they aren’t going to understand the stress that hours of play will put hardware under. Engineers understand that and created a design for the Playstation 4 that will let you play for as long as you want without mishap.

Interactivity and Controllers

A lot of the customary 3rd party controllers won’t work with the latest version of the PS4, which is causing some people to complain. The combat joystick and driving wheels are staying with the PS3. The Playstation 4 has gotten back to basics and is focused on feedback controllers to get the maximum play out of the Playstation 4 games. Without having to accommodate 3rd party controllers, the engineers tightened up the intra-device communication so there is faster and more integrated play between them. The new speed and accuracy of the controls will make you forget the steering wheel as you race into excitement.

The Network End

Playstation 4 is fully supported with a strong network that also includes enough social activity to keep gamers getting better. After all – having fun and getting more skilled at the games you love is the reason you want to play. Not to be able to Skype with your grandmother on your console.