Power Architecture and the Playstation 4

While a certain other company makes a lot of noise that their gaming system is designed by gamers for gamers; Playstation 4 is much clearer about their architecture. It was designed by engineers for gamers. Right there is the Playstation 4 difference. This is a serious home entertainment gaming system that isn’t trying to be a million other things, the focus is tight – game play. Everything about the choices in hardware that makes up the latest generation of Playstation 4 reflects that. This is possibly the most advanced generation that Sony has released yet.

What’s Driving the Graphics?

In the heart of the machine is the AMD Radeon graphics accelerator. The Core Next Engine provides you with some of the best, and fastest, rendering available on the market. Combine this with the BD 6xCAV and DVD 8xCAV optical drives and this is a system that can create immersive graphics so real you will feel like you are in the world with your avatars. Better still, the tower design that PS4 uses helps to keep the drives and accelerators cool. That’s important because the power and play is pushed from an advanced hardware base.

What is the Power and Play Based On?

The AMD Jaguar roars through 8 cores with a low energy processor to keep everything going. While this is a stellar piece of power, the real play comes from the custom processor chip that Sony has created for the Playstation 4 system. This is a proprietary single chip design that makes everything inside work so you are never aware of the mechanics – you won’t find lag and load time interfering with the action.

The whole thing is also engineered to stay cool and function well with drowning in cache. This is where the difference shows up between a machine designed by gamers and one designed by engineers for gamers. Gamers may know that they want the power, but they aren’t going to understand the stress that hours of play will put hardware under. Engineers understand that and created a design for the Playstation 4 that will let you play for as long as you want without mishap.

Interactivity and Controllers

A lot of the customary 3rd party controllers won’t work with the latest version of the PS4, which is causing some people to complain. The combat joystick and driving wheels are staying with the PS3. The Playstation 4 has gotten back to basics and is focused on feedback controllers to get the maximum play out of the Playstation 4 games. Without having to accommodate 3rd party controllers, the engineers tightened up the intra-device communication so there is faster and more integrated play between them. The new speed and accuracy of the controls will make you forget the steering wheel as you race into excitement.

The Network End

Playstation 4 is fully supported with a strong network that also includes enough social activity to keep gamers getting better. After all – having fun and getting more skilled at the games you love is the reason you want to play. Not to be able to Skype with your grandmother on your console.